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Interdisciplinary Projects 
Art and Science 

We develop communicational artistic pieces of high impact and visual quality through an interdisciplinary work (of science, art, illustration and video). We seek and generate new narratives about the intrinsic value of Nature through ethnographic and ecological research, in which we value listening as a fundamental tool to  understand a topic and provide emotion and reflection to our pieces.

Sacha Taki, voices and songs of the jungle

Video that narrates the deep relationship between the Kichwa communities of Kawsak Sacha and the Jungle through song, dreams and ancestral ecological knowledge.

Sacha Taki is a proposal that was born in  2019 from the Kichwa Kawsak Sacha Ancestral Population in the Ecuadorian Amazon, that seeks to declare the soundscape of this territory as a cultural and natural heritage of Ecuador and of UNESCO. The aim of this declaration is to protect this territory and its biodiversity, and maintain the strong relationshio that exists between the communities and the living forest. ​

With funding from the Sussex Sustainability Research Program (SSRP) of the University of Sussex, and the support of Dr. Alice Eldridge and the Sacha Warmi Foundation, we generated ethnographic material (compiled by Paola Moscoso) that shows the complex and profound relationship that exist between the Kawsak Sach communities and the sounds of the jungle. With this material, a documentary (directed by Gustavo Chiriboga) and two illustrations (made by Sozapato) were created, which are used for the purpose of disseminating and strengthening the Sacha Taki proposal inside and outside its territory.

If you want to know more about the proposal visit:

ECOFORENSIC: Defending Rights of Nature 

We work in collaboration with Ecoforensic in order to strengthen the current mechanisms for the defense of the Rights of Nature through a collaborative network of people working around it (scientists, indigenous people, peasants, artists, lawyers and NGOs) in Ecuador; as well as the formation of a group of Paraecologists.

Paraecologists are people from communities and nature reserves, in charge of gathering scientific information to feed a freely accessible database. This, with the aim of providing empirical support and strengthening arguments in favor of Nature in legal disputes.

Our work focuses on providing high-quality audiovisual material and content for the dissemination of the Rights of Nature within the framework of the Constitution of Ecuador. The method we use is based on interdisciplinary ethnographic research and audiovisual arts . We put emphasis on giving emotion and reflection to our pieces so that they have a greater impact.


The first product generated is a series of illustrations (designed by  Sozapato)  and a documentary (created by Gustavo Chiriboga and produced by Paola Moscoso) that reveal the practical ways in which the laws present in the Constitution act. It also delves into the origin, status and future vision of this mechanism for the protection of Nature in Ecuador. 

Da un clickin the images to see them complete:

If you want to know more about this initiative visit:

How we work?

We establish networks with a multidisciplinary team from the social and biological sciences and the arts

We design a methodology  of work  tailored to research needs


 We creste easy-to-understand stories  through audiovisual, graphic and literary production

If you need to generate information disclosure tools  and you are interested in our work model,  write us



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