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Soundwalks in Nature

Have you noticed that the water of a river sounds different depending on the weather? The intense chorus of birds at dawn? The sounds of plants after a rain?

The sound walk is a walk where people get to know an area natural through deep listening. This invites you to explore other worlds, to imagine them and explore them with your senses.


What is it and how can it benefit you?

Soundscapes reflect the identity of a landscape. And this acoustic identity reflects and has an effect on the state of well-being of wildlife and people.

Through sound walking in a natural area, people, in addition to learning about a site in an educational way, can develop a stronger bond with nature and experience therapeutic benefits in their health (reduction of depression, anxiety, improvement in mood). mood, decrease
cardiovascular and nervous system diseases, among others).


What includes?

We do the sound walk during the early hours of the morning, which is the time when we can hear the most animal sounds. The tour is silent and
guided by Paola Moscoso. The duration of the walk is approximately 3 hours.

During the tour we include practices artistic and eco-somatic that will allow you not only to develop your creativity and sensitivity through contact with sound, but also to develop a greater awareness of the spatial and temporal variation of a soundscape.


It will also allow you to get closer to the world of ecoacoustics, learn more about its theories and how sounds are influenced in a

Enjoying the Nature

How can you participate?

We carry out the sound walks once a month, so if you want to receive the announcements  you can join our WhatsApp group, filling outThis formulary.

You can also follow us  on our social networks (instagram eitherFacebook) where we announce the sound walks. 

Do you require more information? Write to us...

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