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Symphonic Forest    


For the International Dawn Chorus day, together with the organization , every year we carry out camps from different forests of Ecuador to transmit live the sounds of different ecosystems during this day. This is broadcast on international radios such as WGXC in the USA and Resonance Extra in England, and other online radios, as well as on our social networks.

Interspecific Music


For the year 2021 we invited the musical group Ensamble de Viento to be part of the natural concert " Symphonic Forest " in Intillacta (Tucanopy) within the Chocó Andino Biosphere Reserve. This was the first interspecific music concert held in Ecuador.


rounders bird.jpg

For this concert this group created  the “ Rondadores de Ave ” or musical instruments that use only the sounds of the vocalizations of the birds of the Chocó Andino. In this way, the artistic composition was made through the interaction of the musicians with the song of the birds. This type of composition that mixes the interaction of animal sounds with human-made instruments is known as "interspecific music."

Bosque brumoso

Here we share a visual and sound sample of a piece of the concert recording (made by the ornithologist Manuel Sánchez). In this we can see that there is no acoustic overlap between the musicians and the song of the forest. 

With the results of this first sound exploration, a Symphonic Forest concert presentation was made: interspecific music in the Andean Chocó  of the group Ensamble del Viento  at the Capitol Theater, in the city of Quito. 

registered birds list_edited.jpg

Here is the list of registered birds that participated during the concert performed by the ornithologist Alejandro Solano: 

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